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Next-In-Line Community Outreach offers children a safe and happy place where they can continue to learn and grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially at their own pace.


We provide a culturally diverse educational and mentoring environment to any child regardless of any child regardless of the socio-economic status. A surprisingly large number of children living in a single-parent or stepfamilies report lower educational expectation on the part of their parents, less monitoring of schoolwork by mothers and fathers, and less overall supervision of social activities than children from intact families. Children are at high risk because of violence that is penetrating the community with high crime rates, such as gun violence, drug problems, gangs, and now COVID-19.


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Next in Line currently host once a month on Wednesday's events with youth by bringing different speakers in to speak on issues that's pertains to reading, health issues or life experience.


Meet the Director Of Next In Line Community Outreach Center


Alice A. Stancil


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To Enroll My Child 

Contact the program director, Schedule an appointment (director, parent & child), Complete application & enrollment contract, Parent(s) is required to attend a minimum of one partnership session at the  program.



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